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Tamara Kern

When I began my journey as a sugaring practitioner, it was a way for me to be closer to my growing family, and to be home to raise my daughter. It quickly turned into building friendships with my clients, enjoying the fun moments, and being there for them during the difficult moments in all our lives. Never would I have imagined how sugaring has impacted my life.

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What is it?

Sugar paste dates back to the early references of Mesopotamia, Egypt, and Greece around 1900 BC. It has been found that this ancient art of hair removal can provide more permeant, longer lasting results, when compared to modern practices and techniques.

With the big push to a more sustainable, organic, and environmentally friendly way of life, sugaring has been found to be among some of the best options.

Minimal waste and organic, the paste is comprised of only three ingredients: Sugar, Lemon, and Water.


A gentle option for everyone.


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